One of the key factors influencing people’s ability to lead an active and independent life is remaining healthy. This goal becomes ever more difficult to achieve as people age. Yet, undertaking adequate measures to prevent diseases, reacting to inevitable development of frailty and eventually making sure the developed chronic condition does not exclude one from active participation in the society is especially important for older adults. Therefore, PELOSHA aims to employ advances in mobile- and tele-health, artificial intelligence and internet of things to create a comprehensive ICT-based solution that makes the challenge of managing one’s own health easier. The existing technologies allowing to deal with individual aspects of this challenge will get integrated into a smart application facilitating a personalized approach to healthy living for older adults. The PELOSHA solution will be co‑designed and tested with participation of diverse end user groups from 3 European countries.

PELOSHA aims to create an integrated solution that can support older adults in managing their health as they age. The system will provide a personalizable environment in which all key aspects of older adult’s health can be addressed with specialized AAL services and applications. The package will allow to smartly select services adequate to the current needs of the end user, ranging from assisting them in preventing diseases, detecting symptoms of increased risk of health deterioration up to the management of life with chronic diseases.